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June 26, 2013
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You and Soul have been friends since childhood, and you two have been dating for a year now, when you and him confessed your love to each other and made-out in his room. Now, you and he have decided that tonight's the night. You were ready and so was Soul.

You shivered joyfully when you thought his name. You loved him more than anything and the thought of bonding so deeply, of making your love official, made you more than eager to begin.

You put on your sexiest underwear and bra, slip on an over sized tee-shirt, and walked from the bathroom (where you were) and into his room.

You opened the door slowly and walk in, expecting to see him sitting on the bed, but you don't. You scan the room with your eyes, starting from your left to your right, then you look behind you-- and Soul pounces from behind the door! He tackles you on the bed pinning you down, Soul leaning over you.

"Did I scare you?" He asks innocently.

You giggle and say, "No of course not," He leans downwards towards your face and kisses you. Prickling with glee, you kiss him back, pulling your wrists from under his hands. Wrapping your arms around his body, he leans in closer on top of you.

Soul rolls on his back now with you on top and pulls of your shirt. He breaks off the kiss in surprise when he sees your body. "Wow, you look beautiful," He whispers.

To be cont.
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